Obsolescence Management

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Obsolescence Management

The rapid pace of technology advancement creates a constant battle between proven results of the tried and true against the latest releases of technology.  While the familiar can bring comfort to many, lost is the fact that aging technology places one farther along in the obsolescence curve.  Often the focus with new equipment is that it is like “what we have”.  While this makes working with new equipment easier in the short term, it sets facilities up for having to replace the hardware sooner when the product is no longer supported by the manufacturer.

Keeping up with the rapid change is difficult.  When Ship & Shore Environmental performs Preventive Maintenance Service on your Thermal Oxidizer, a thorough review of the hardware and software can reveal potential exposure to obsolete components in the main controls as well as sensors and other control components.  A scheduled upgrade is always less stressful and less costly than emergency replacements.  Let Ship & Shore’s experienced service team assist you in managing the obsolescence program in your facility.  Call (562)997-0233 to schedule your Oxidizer PM Service.

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