Ship & Shore Environmental is a well-known air pollution abatement system supplier and Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer Manufacturer Company. Our goal is to help our clients meet the latest air pollution regulations with innovative and cost-effective solutions for used RTOs that provide high energy efficiency while lowering operating costs.

This may include the potential to purchase a used regenerative thermal oxidizer or a refurbished used thermal oxidizer system that meets your requirements and saves you money on your used thermal oxidizers.  Also, in some cases, we accept trade-ins when working with our clients who are upgrading to a larger capacity used RTO system.

Advantages of Ship & Shore Environmental USED Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers

  • Extended Manufacture Warranty
  • Lower capital cost
  • RTO is inspected and evaluated
  • Recommendation for upgrading components
  • Engineering process evaluation
  • Engineering air permit assistance
  • VOC collection system design
  • PLC/HMI programming
  • Installation supervision
  • Startup Services
  • Preventive Maintenance Service Contract

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