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Emission Reduction by Energy Efficiency

Our ability to custom design and build components that recover energy from existing equipment results in solutions that are easily installed and generally offer a quick pay-back. From concept through completion, our team designs heat recovery systems that deliver efficiency while reducing energy consumption and substantially reduce GHG for manufacturing operations that use burners (ovens, dryers, kilns, curing zones, boilers, etc.) Energy-efficiency assessments are performed to identify & evaluate the best and most cost effective design solution.

Saving Energy by Condensing Economizer

Condensing Economizers improve the thermal efficiency of boilers by cooling the exhaust gas below its dew point (about 135°F for combustion products of natural gas) and recovering the latent heat of water vapor through special designs.

Pentane Emission From Bags/Silos

Since pentane emissions from each bag are so varied during the aging time it is not possible to correlate the volumetric flow rate multiplied by the concentration of pentane in the stream to a pentane loss from weighing a sample of the beads immediately after drying and subtract from this the pentane content before molding. For this reason bag rooms are designed and built as Permanent Total Enclosures (PTE).

Pentane Emission From EPS Molding

Design of a Pentane Collection System that will meet Air Quality Requirements. The biggest challenge is in the design of the collection system. It is very difficult if not impossible to take pentane loss from beads during aging in the silos and compare this with pentane concentrations in the duct leading from the aging room or individual silo to the abatement device and conclude how much percentage of emitting pentane is collected from this part of process. It is well accepted in the industry that pre-expanded beads, transported from the fluid bed dryer into a silo(bag), emit very little, if any pentane because the bead is cooling and is drawing air in rather than emitting pentane.

Case Studies - Clean Tech Solution

Our company’s mission is to provide energy efficient, innovative, quality products and services that help our customers meet the increasing demands of environmental regulation while enhancing productivity and profitability