Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer Ohio: Rightly Designed for Clean Air

Ohio is the third-largest manufacturing state in the United States after California and Texas. It has more than 12,000 manufacturing units, with the leading among them being Aerospace and defence, Bioscience, Healthcare, Energy, Automobile Manufacturing, Iron and Steel, and Rubber and Plastics.

Considering Ohio’s industrially developed economy, the need for a Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer Ohio can easily be understood. Moreover, Ohio has problems with excessive Air Pollution and millions of people are exposed to it. Cincinnati is among the leading polluted metro cities in the USA. Under these circumstances, the use of a Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer Ohio is very important to curb Air Pollution.

An RTO works by the simple method of oxidation of pollutants with oxygen and heat. A Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer Design converts poisonous gases and industrial emissions into harmless by-products, water vapor and usable heat. Initially, polluted emissions enter the oxidizer and are preheated at the ceramic exchange media. Next, this air enters the inside of the Combustion Chamber for oxidation. It is then cooled and sent out from the stack.

Ship & Shore Environmental, Inc. is a renowned Manufacturer of RTOs designed by efficient and skilled Engineers.

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