S&SE Thermal Recuperative Oxidizers destroy air pollutants emitted from process exhaust streams at temperatures ranging from 1000°-2200°F. A Recuperative Oxidizer utilizes a combustion chamber with multi pass shell and tube type heat exchanger which is fabricated of heavy-duty stainless steel. Temperature, residence time, & turbulence are three important oxidization aspects considered regarding to achieve a high destruction efficiency.

How the Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer Works?

During operation, VOC & HAP laden air is preheated in the shell-and-tube style heat exchanger. Pollutant air then passes by the burner where it is raised to the thermal oxidation temperature (1,200–1,800ºF) for the specified residence time. The pollutants are converted to carbon dioxide, water, and heat with within the reactor chamber.

The hot, clean air then passes again through the shell- &-tube style heat exchanger where the energy released by the reaction is used to preheat the incoming air. The heat exchanger reduces fuel consumption and can self-sustaining (minimal natural gas use) at moderate Lower Explosive Limits (LELs). Pollutant free air is then exhausted into the atmosphere.

S&SE Cost Effective Design

Our systems are constructed for process applications like chemical manufacturing processes, with low flow rates or for VOC concentrations that are above 10% LEL. A recuperative oxidizer’s heat exchanger reclaims available thermal energy that is then reused in preheating the incoming process’s airstream.  As a result this minimizes system fuel consumption, making the whole system more efficient. When heat recovery is achieved it can be as much as 75%. Typically VOC destruction efficiency for one of our systems is over 99%.

Our knowledgeable staff can help you solve your environmental and global warming issues while improving your bottom line. Ship & Shore Environmental engineers, design and fabricate custom recuperative oxidizers tailored for the conditions of a specific application. Our safe, reliable and quality air pollution control systems are renowned for meeting the most stringent air pollution abatement regulations.

Our design process includes studying each application carefully to understand data that will help us meet your needs for today and in the near future. We offer a comprehensive suite of products and services to accommodate all levels of the process, from engineering thermal recuperative oxidizers to installation of complete air pollution collection and abatement systems.

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