Ship & Shore Environmental, Inc. – A Legacy of Innovation and Quality Goes Global

Ship & Shore Environmental, Inc., a renowned U.S.-based environmental engineering firm, has been a beacon of innovation and quality in air pollution control solutions. In 2017, we expanded our global reach beyond the U.S. by establishing Ship & Shore Environmental Engineering (Suzhou) Co., our subsidiary, leveraging the foundational expertise of Zhangjiagang Auzoer Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. This expansion signifies our commitment to delivering localized solutions grounded in our rich American legacy.

Global Leadership, Local Impact

Our global leadership is exemplified by Mr. Joon Lai, Director of Technical Sales, Asia. Trained in the U.S. and equipped with extensive experience, Mr. Lai has been instrumental in adapting our Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTOs) for the Chinese market, ensuring compliance with local air pollution regulations. Operating from Singapore, Mr. Lai represents our vision: blending international expertise with regional nuances to create a unique approach to global clean air solutions.

Ship & Shore – The Total Turnkey Solutions Provider

As a total turnkey solutions provider, Ship & Shore Environmental goes beyond manufacturing to offer comprehensive environmental engineering solutions. Our services encompass the entire project lifecycle, from design and manufacturing to installation, maintenance, and support. Specializing in complex, integrated systems like RTOs, Heat Exchangers, Dust Collectors, and Scrubbers, our multidisciplinary teams ensure seamless execution and compliance.

Cleaning the Air, Protecting the Planet

Though a proud U.S. manufacturer, our mission extends globally with a particular focus on tailoring solutions to meet the specific needs of the Chinese market through our subsidiary. This dual approach—global reach with local American expertise—allows us to provide unparalleled service and solutions. At Ship & Shore Environmental, we are not just engineering systems; we are helping to clean the air and protect the environment, contributing to a healthier planet for everyone.

Engineering a Greener Future

Every step we take at Ship & Shore Environmental is towards a greener, more sustainable future. Our commitment to innovation and excellence in environmental stewardship both in the U.S.A as well as globally, propels us forward as we continue to expand our influence and craft solutions that make a real difference in air quality worldwide.

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