Ship & Shore Environmental is your complete source for engineering design, fabrication and turn-key integration of energy and heat recovery systems. More than one third of industrial energy input is lost as waste heat and other common manufacturing processes.

Reducing equipment operating costs through waste heat recovery can significantly improve the competitive advantage of a manufacturing facility. S&SE can also provide an in depth Industrial Energy Analysis to collect all the necessary data and make recommendation that can include utility rebate programs that typically offer cash incentives (up to 50% of the project) to pay for energy-efficiency measures.

Ship & Shore facilitated all of the necessary paperwork to process our application for energy efficiency rebates available on the equipment. This saved our internal staff a significant amount of effort and resulted in us receiving the rebate quickly.

S&SE Energy Recovery Systems

Waste Heat Recovery

S&SE has the expertise and experience to custom design systems capable of capturing hot exhaust from combustion produced during various manufacturing processes and redirect to other areas of production and manufacturing to save and re-use energy while reducing operating cost.

Heat Exchanger

The heat exchanger is one of the most efficient ways to capture the hot exhaust from combustion that was produced during the various manufacturing processes and use for other applications for saving fuel and reduce the operation cost. This captured heat may be used to preheat the incoming VOC laden air stream before entering the combustion chamber of the oxidizer. The hot exhaust can also be passed through a boiler to produce steam, hot water or hot oil for process heating requirements. Click Here to Learn More

Industrial Energy Analysis

As your engineering partner we can help reduce operating costs by analyzing your current energy consumption, process flow and utility demands to offer effective methods to reduce your energy consumption, lower operating costs and assist you in taking advantage of any rebates or incentive programs you may qualify for at no extra charge. Click Here to Learn More

Let us gather the data and provide the information you need to make the best decision on any process upgrades, equipment selection and possible incentives that can add to the performance and profitability of your company.

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