Preventive Maintenance (PM) Services

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Preventive Maintenance (PM) Services

We have all heard the age old saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Yet when it comes to emission control equipment it often comes down to what does it cost to run?  Skilled reliability professionals answer this question with a powerful question, what does it cost when it does not run?

For some it is the hassle of filling out report forms. For others it means shutting some or all of money making production down while repairs are made.  Don’t let the run to failure mindset cost your facility unnecessary losses in time or money. Invest in a comprehensive Preventive Maintenance Service Program that keeps your equipment operating at peak efficiency.

Ship & Shore Environmental has assembled a team of highly skilled professionals capable of servicing any VOC control equipment whether it is new or virtually obsolete.  Our comprehensive PM Service will find and repair substandard or underperforming equipment and identify items like outdated controls that no longer receive technical support or where spare parts are no longer available.

Call (562) 977-0233 to schedule your PM Service today.

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