Ship & Shore SMART 3-BED RTO

Ship & Shore’s special designed SMART 3-BED Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) consists of a 2-Bed RTO and puff chamber. This proprietary, high-efficiency design has been proven to out-perform standard 3-Bed RTOs considering the following advantages:


  • This SMART design involves less components, as the unique poppet assembly has a single valve. On the contrary, a standard 3-Bed RTO has nine separate valves.
  • Designed for swift and highly efficient operation with less components, the SMART 3-Bed RTO requires fewer spare parts and less mechanical moving parts.


  • With fewer components involved, the SMART 3-Bed RTO will require only one day downtime for annual PM Inspections.
  • A standard 3-Bed RTO will require approximately 2-3 days of downtime and a recommended PM Inspection twice a year.


  • Less controls and programming are involved with this SMART design.
  • The SMART 3-Bed RTO will require less instrument air consumption and overall lower energy consumption.


Examples of Ship & Shore SMART 3-BED RTOs

In the SMART 3-Bed design, the 2-Bed RTO will be fitted with a single poppet valve to serve both media chamber beds and will be operated by a pneumatic cylinder. The unique poppet valve will reverse the airflow through the media chambers as directed by the RTO control system. The valve will feature a proprietary soft-seat valve design and cushioned stroke control for smooth operation.

A third chamber without media will ensure proper destruction of VOCs escaping the combustion zone during the poppet valve switching. Prior to the switching of the poppet valve, a 3-way damper system closes the exhaust to the stack while opening the damper to the empty puff chamber and filling this chamber with the emission-laden volume of the bottom part of the inlet chamber.

The 3-way damper system switches back to normal operation mode by opening the damper to the exhaust stack end, closing the damper to the empty puff chamber. Another damper opens the puff chamber into the suction of the process and empties the puff chamber of the “unburned” emissions.

The 2-Bed RTO with a puff chamber provides a reduction in capital, installation, and operating costs while performing nearly the same VOC destruction efficiencies of 99%+ as a standard 3-Bed RTO.

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