Tips for Efficient Oxidizer Operations

July 28, 2018 8:08 pm Published by

Tips for Efficient Oxidizer Operations

Over time, oxidizers will lose its efficiency. Understanding your system and preventive maintenance (PM) services are key to long-term efficiency and reduces long-term operating costs or expensive aftermarket services.  A few tips to improve your oxidizer life expectancy:

  1. Know expected oxidizer efficiency.  Oxidizer over time will deteriorate and annual testing should be performed to ensure optimum oxidizer operations.
  2. Many times, VOC loadings change due to operational changes of a facility.  Understanding these loads and/or peak Loads during production can affect oxidizer operations.
  3. Combustion operations should be tested.  Ensuring the burner is properly tuned and not firing inappropriately with large quantity of air increasing operating costs
  4. Investigate if grant funds are available.  Many utilities will grant incentives or rebates if existing system is upgraded to operate more efficiently.

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