Ship & Shore Environmental at EPS EXPO 2016: Clean Tech Solutions for Pentane Emission Abatement

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Ship & Shore Environmental at EPS EXPO 2016:
Clean Tech Solutions for Pentane Emission Abatement

Ship & Shore has been delivering pentane emission equipment to the EPS Industry for many years.  This year at the 2016 EPS EXPO the main topics of conversation when it comes to this type of equipment is clean tech solutions that lower operating costs and meet EPA compliance requirements.

Pentane Emissions in EPS Plants Include: 

  • Raw Material (Bead) Box Opening
  • Pre-Expansion
  • Fluid Bed Dryer (if used)
  • Material Transfer to Aging Bags
  • Mesh Aging Bags in Enclosed Room
  • Solid Aging Bags or Metal Silos
  • Areas with Accumulation of EPS Dust
  • Hot Room
  • Product Storage
  • Regrind equipment

Clean Tech Solutions for Pentane Emission Abatement

Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTOs)
Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers are the most efficient and effective technology used to destroy hazardous pentane emissions from the EPS Molding process .

S&SE RTOs are designed to meet all compliance regulations and significantly reduce energy consumption and operating costs by re-using and re-directing thermal energy that is generated during the manufacturing process.

Permanent Total Enclosures (PTEs)
Permanent Total Enclosures (PTEs) are a highly effective way to prevent fugitive pentane emissions from entering the atmosphere. By completely surrounding the emission source, the process emissions from the EPS Molding Process can be minimized and concentrated for more cost effective destruction in a VOC control device.

Heat Recovery for EPS Molding Process
Installation of economizer in stack will reduce exhaust temperature to 300°F. Additionally installing feedwater make-up heat exchanger in continuous blowdown discharge (saves cooling water) as well as a combustion air pre-heater in exhaust stack.This typically adds approximately 4% to overall efficiency. 

S&SE will be talking to our EPS customers at the EPS EXPO about our customized approach to each application to present innovative and efficient system design to meet stringent regulations and lower operating costs.

Ship & Shore provides engineering and equipment globally.  To learn more about our approach on Pentane Emissions for the EPS Molding Industry please contact one of our regional experts by EMAIL or call (562)997-0233

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