permanent total enclosures

This Week at Ship & Shore – Utilizing Permanent Total Enclosures (PTEs)

June 12, 2024 12:40 pm Published by

This Week at Ship & Shore Environmental - Utilizing Permanent Total Enclosures (PTEs)

The control of VOC emissions greatly benefits air quality and ultimately benefits our well-being. Compounds contributing to smog and potential cancer causing agents are collected and then destroyed before they can have an effect on the environment.

Conversations traditionally center on the destruction efficiencies of destruction equipment installed. However, more focus should be placed on the maximum collection of emissions that ultimately are treated in thermal oxidizers.

Permanent Total Enclosures (PTEs) are routinely used to maximize the collection of fugitive emissions produced from production processes. In most circumstances, the use of a PTE enables the claim of 100% collection or containment of emissions. But the design of a PTE must consider a number of factors to meet federal regulations. Some of these include – proper air flow and ventilation, temperature, worker permissible exposure limits, lower flammable limits, lighting, and access to maintenance equipment. Construction can include hardscape walls, insulated panel, plastic curtains, see thru panels, etc.

Ship & Shore has designed numerous PTE enclosures to satisfy regulatory requirements, while minimizing air volume and increasing solvent load for cost effective thermal oxidizer purchase and operation.

Reach out to us at or call our office in Signal Hill, CA at +1(562) 997-0233 to learn more about PTE enclosures.

permanent total enclosures

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