Odor or Fragrance

This Week at Ship & Shore Environmental – Fragrance or Odor

June 5, 2024 12:34 pm Published by

This Week at Ship & Shore Environmental - Fragrance or Odor

Fragrance or Odor….

Many people are surprised to learn that seemingly innocent production operations need to be abated based on regulatory regulations. A good rule of thumb has always been, one person’s fragrance is another person’s odor. Two classic examples are bread baking operations and coffee roasting operations. For most, these are truly pleasant fragrances with occasional exposure … for MOST. However, day to day exposure to these emissions can create nuisance issues.

Upon taking a closer look at these operations, each of them has the potential to emit regulated and health concerning emissions. In the case of coffee, exposures to VOCs during roasting, packaging, grinding, and flavoring coffee can negatively impact the respiratory health of workers and local residences. Baking and fermenting operations emit ethanol. Depending on the size of these operations, (large industrial facilities) potential mandatory abatement is needed.

So use this as FOOD or DRINK for THOUGHT as incorporation of artificial flavorings, perfumes, animal rendering facilities, or odors of any kind may need control.

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Odor or Fragrance

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