Thermal Oxidizer Materials of Construction

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Thermal Oxidizer Materials of Construction

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Ship & Shore Environmental, Inc. supplies Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) control and abatement equipment to numerous process industries.  Quite often, emission streams from applications in the oil and gas, chemical, refining, and waste water treatment industry present conditions where corrosive environments could affect abatement equipment materials of construction.  Chlorinated, fluorinated, and other corrosive constituents can result in conditions of direct chemical attack on system metallurgy and ceramic heat exchange media.  Acid gasses can also form on the back end of the thermal oxidation process (creation of H2O in the combustion process).

Proper metallurgy – stainless steel, AL6XN, and hasteloy (etc.) can be matched to individual applications to provide best system performance and longevity. Internal oxidizer shell coatings are also available as well as protective insulation coatings.

Ship & Shore also provides back end scrubber systems to eliminate acid forming gasses. Wet scrubbers use water to scrub and absorb water soluble organic pollutants and are effective in controlling particulate matter. Since wet scrubbers tend to not readily absorb organic compounds with high vapor pressures, they are best used in conjunction with a thermal oxidizer that has Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) or Hazardous Air Pollutant (HAP) emission control. Take advantage of Ship & Shore’s numerous years of experience with oxidizer design to meet your challenging application.

For greater corrosion resistance, Ship & Shore thermal oxidizers can be manufactured from stainless steel. Associated oxidizer components, such as ductwork and exhaust fans, can also be custom engineered and designed with corrosion resistance in mind. Ship & Shore also has the expertise and trained service technicians to clean and maintain any existing scrubbers and systems.

Let Ship & Shore Environmental’s experience Sales and Engineering Teams guide you through your next abatement project.  For more information, please contact (562) 997-0233 or visit our website at

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