VOC Abatement Systems

Ship & Shore VOC Abatement Systems Reduce Air Pollution, Capital and Operational Costs

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Ship & Shore VOC Abatement Systems Reduce Air Pollution,
Capital and Operational Costs

VOC Abatement Systems

Air pollution control equipment is an important and significant investment for most manufacturers. Proper sizing and capacity of any VOC abatement system is critical, not only for compliance with EPA & AQMD regulations but for productivity, room for upgrades and expansions if needed as well as the benefit of reducing operational costs significantly.

Ship & Shore conducts a thorough inventory of all the processes that emit air contaminants and fugitive emissions within the manufacturing facility in question to determine the VOC Abatement needs for compliance, maximum destruction and efficiency to reduce costs.

We then categorize the emission sources to determine whether they are permitted, exempt or grandfathered to gather the data necessary to review with the legally enforceable limits with local agencies to assist our customers in obtaining air permits and resolving any compliance issues.

Next, Ship & Shore gathers the data and makes the calculations from all the types of emissions, amount of emissions and contaminants as well as locations throughout the facility to determine the proper sizing, capacity and additional equipment necessary to meet all immediate and future needs for the companies sustainability, compliance and profitable operation.

Having Ship & Shores expert engineering team as a partner is an important investment, as we have often been called in to repair or retrofit equipment mistakes where miscalculations in one or more of the areas above lead to improper sizing or design that did not meet the needs or the process of the facility.

It is our goal to gather all the data necessary, learn about the companies process, application and goals and make the cost effective and necessary recommendations for 100% success on every project.

In most cases our recommendation include VOC Abatement systems that include but are not limited to regenerative thermal oxidizer that is of the proper capacity to reduce total air flow and cfm so that we reduce not only operating costs but the hazardous emissions. This can often include additional energy efficiency equipment such as a hot bypass system, heat exchanger, waste heat re-use and re-direct for other processes, upgrades to controls and systems like VFD systems for lower electrical consumption and user friendly PLC &HMI controls to ensure up-time and monitoring.

Ship & Shore provides a thorough assessment and review to offer alternatives for each process, project and budget and have installed over a 1,000 units worldwide.  For a confidential consultation and assessment of your facilities air pollution and energy efficiency needs please contact us by EMAIL or directly at (562)997-0233.

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