Ship & Shore Environmental Spring 2016 Newsletter News, Events, Efficiency Awards & Drupa 2016

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Ship & Shore Environmental Spring 2016 Newsletter
News, Events, Efficiency Awards & Drupa 2016

We have assisted customers in receiving over

We recently received this award for a project in Illinois that paid our customer a rebate of $250,000 (250,000 therms of natural gas at$1 per therm). This significant incentive helped them to expand and update their manufacturing capabilities and get them into compliance with air quality regulations.
It all started with a call to Ship & Shore Environmental and the desire to improve their operations energy efficiency and competitive edge.
By making a brief call to S&SE team member we can begin to assess if your next project is eligible for similar programs that can assist with new equipment acquisition, emission control compliance and/or energy efficiency equipment upgrades and retrofits.
ask for  Technical Sales  


Will We See You Next Week at DRUPA 2016?

Call or email us to set up a confidential meeting with a member of our team for innovative air pollution and energy recovery solutions.

We specialize in emission control for the printing industry and look forward to meeting you while we are in Germany for this highly anticipated event!

Call (562)997-0233 or Email Us by CLICKING HERE

Drupa Cube is just one of the exciting, innovative experiences at the upcoming Drupa 2016 conference, the world’s leading trade fair for print and cross-media, set for Dusseldorf, Germany, May 31-June 10.
S&SE CEO, Annosheh Oskouian, specifically will be part of Drupa Cube, an innovative think tank featuring “on-demand” coaching led by Oskouian and several other experienced leaders in the industry. Drupa Cube is organized and run by the Medici Group. The six highlighted topics of Drupa 2016 include multichannel, print, functional printing, 3D-Printing, packaging production and green printing.
Newly Proposed Amended BACT GUIDELINES Draft Released
As an original founding BACT member, Ship & Shore CEO & President, Anoosheh M. Oskouian has been participating in recent South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD)  committee meetings regarding proposed changes to the  Best Available Control Technology (BACT) Guidelines.
The proposed revisions focus on both Major & Minor Source guidelines as well as some administrative changes. Primarily the changes are aimed towards aligning the BACT Guidelines with current rules. At this time they do not include any emission limits that go above and beyond current SCAQMD rules.
To review  documents regarding proposed changes click here
If you have any concerns, would like to know more about specific BACT rules and how they may affect your business, or just need a little expert advice, please call Ship & Shore Environmental at (562)997-0233.


Anoosheh Oskouian, Ship & Shore president and CEO, spoke with in an exclusive interview about how capturing emissions benefits manufacturers
Experience has shown energy recovery assessments can go a long way in helping any company that has heat from fugitive VOC emissions waste being lost to the atmosphere.
Recent Q & A with PFFC Paper Film & Foil Converter
Experience Speak S&SE CEO, Anoosheh Oskouian…
People are the key to running a successful business. I love the idea of all of us working together towards the same goal, seeing the results of our work and the impact on the environment by providing environmental solutions to manufacturers.

Helping Manufacturers Adapt & Gain the Competitive Edge:

New Study Shows Strict Environmental Regulations as a Source of Innovation
Environmental regulations have often been blamed for driving up the cost of operations, job loss and in some cases destroying industries.  There is another side of the story and a study that shows the industries and manufacturers that adapt to these regulations actually gain the competitive edge over time through innovation rather than stagnation.
Strong statements are now being made by the facts found in studies that show environmental regulations and solutions may actually be supporting the manufacturing industry…
“The way environmental laws influence innovation is somewhat simple. When a government introduces an environmental policy like the Clean Power Plan that places strict emissions standards, the industry has to figure out how to comply. Green policies create “incentives to be more efficient or to develop technologies to reach those standards,” Joshua P. Meltzer, senior fellow in global economy and development at the Brookings Institution, told ThinkProgress. Once that happens, he said, the firm or industry often becomes more efficient and gets ahead of competitors.”

In observance of Memorial Day, S&SE will be closed….

Monday, May 30th 2016 

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In remembrance of the many veterans who gave their lives protecting our freedom and the freedom of others, we wish to share our sincere gratitude. We also wish to thank all the veterans who have served and continue to serve our country.

Ship & Shore Environmental, Inc. is your complete source for industrial air pollution control as well as heat and energy recovery systems.  We are a global company and serve a variety of industries throughout the US, Canada, Asia & South America offering extensive engineering expertise and a full suite of innovative industrial environmental products and services.  Acting as an engineering partner we collect and analyze the necessary data to help manufacturers make cost effective decisions on oxidizer and clean tech equipment selections, process upgrades, modifications and in many cases possible utility rebates or incentives. It is our goal to maximize our clients’ competitive edge by improving overall performance and profitability while lowering emissions, consumption and operating costs. LEARN MORE AT WWW.SHIPANDSHORE.COM
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