S&SE Interview with Manufacturing.net on the Importance of Air Pollution Control

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S&SE Interview with Manufacturing.net on the Importance of
Air Pollution Control & Capture for Manufacturers

Anoosheh Oskouian, Ship & Shore president and CEO, spoke with Manufacturing.net in an exclusive interview about how capturing emissions benefits manufacturers, how much emissions could be reduced and how manufacturers can operate more efficiently.

Sometimes it simply isn’t feasible to make processes any “cleaner.” But, by trapping airborne pollutants before they enter the atmosphere, manufacturers can still maintain low-emissions standards. With the advancement of technology and the strengthening of environmental regulation, pollution capture and remediation equipment is becoming more efficient. Considering that industrial facilities are responsible for about a quarter of global carbon dioxide emissions — and face tough regulations as a result — it’s crucial for manufacturers to recognize this option. California-based Ship & Shore Environmental is just one of many companies offering pollution abatement equipment to help manufacturers’ curb their carbon footprint.

Q&A with Anoosheh Oskouian and Katie Mohr with Manufacturing.net

Katie Mohr (KM):  How have environmental regulations, such as the Clean Power Plan, impacted the need for pollution remediation?

Anoosheh Oskouian (AO):  Regulations have been in place in many states for years that specify the amount of pollutants you’re allowed to send out into the atmosphere. For example, where we’re based in Southern California they passed on some tougher rules and regulations because of the need to capture all of the pollutants.

Emissions are definitely regulated by EPA and then passed on to the state level. Naturally, the very populated areas have tougher rules because of the concentration of manufacturing. California, Texas and Ohio, for example, are heavily regulated. But regardless of location, if a manufacturing facility is sending out emissions that are considered carcinogenic or unsafe, the toughest rules might still apply.

The rules are getting tougher as there is more innovation and technology that is available to help us.

But a lot of manufacturers decide to be proactive about it. For example, one of our customers that has factories in the U.S. and Canada decided to implement the same type of rules and regulations in their China facility, even though those rules aren’t being enforced yet. They know that it is coming. The potential for solutions is there.


Ship & Shore Environmental provides a thorough assessment and review to offer alternatives for each process, project and budget and have installed over a 1,000 units worldwide.  For a confidential consultation and assessment of your facilities air pollution and energy efficiency needs please contact us by EMAIL or directly at (562)997-0233.

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