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Ship & Shore Environmental – Our Core Mission

September 18, 2023 3:32 pm Published by

Ship & Shore Environmental – What We Do

At Ship & Shore Environmental, we’re not your ordinary company. Guided by the visionary leadership of our President and Chief Executive Officer, Anoosheh Oskouian, we operate as a tightly-knit unit, with all our operations happening out of Long Beach, CA in one centralized location.

But don’t let our physical footprint fool you. Our impact extends far beyond our walls. We’re on a mission to address the global need for clean air, and we’re doing it with dedication and innovation.

Our core mission? Crafting energy-efficient, groundbreaking products and services that take on air pollution head-on. We believe it’s not just a solution; it’s a crucial step toward healing our planet.

But wait, there’s more! There’s a lot to us that you might not see at first glance. To truly grasp the unique essence of Ship & Shore Environmental and discover the exceptional products we offer, we invite you to watch this video clip.

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