RTO Manufacturer Canada: To Suit Your Needs  

Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTOs) are a necessity for clean and pollution-free air. Canada puts a lot of emphasis on the use OF RTOs.  

An RTO Manufacturer Canada is technically skilled in manufacturing RTOs of different specifications so that your factory is kept free from pollutants. An RTO helps you get rid of VOCs and other air pollutants by the simple method of oxidation reaction with oxygen and heat. An RTO Manufacturer Canada can make generators with thermal efficiencies of more than 97% and destruction capacities of up to 99%. 

An RTO Manufacturer Toronto makes oxidizers according to the environmental guidelines of the city of Toronto. An RTO Manufacturer Montreal makes an oxidizer that takes into account the expert opinion of mechanical, chemical, and electrical engineers as well as computerized design specialists.  

Ship & Shore Environmental Inc. has an office in Toronto to assist you in customized RTO designing, installing, and servicing.    

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