Oxidizer Maintenance

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Some crucial points to help ensure your oxidizer will operate reliably:


The key to reliable operation is to maintain the system continually throughout the year, but especially during the cold weather months.

  • Visual daily check of the equipment for discoloration, cracks, splits, debris, etc.
  • Install desiccant-style dryer for compressed air supply to prevent condensation/moisture in the system.
  • Keep critical spare parts in stock to reduce equipment downtime should a component fail.
  • Follow operating manual preventive maintenance schedules.
  • Hire a Ship & Shore professional combustion technician to provide annual fine tuning of the unit.
  • Ask Ship & Shore about upgrading the PLC program & HMI for “user friendly” troubleshooting, real time system information, and improved energy-efficiency.

Prevent Moisture in Compressed Air Supply:

  • Check your desiccant dryer and compresser air lines regulary for leaks and condensation.
  • A handy measurement tool is to drain compressed air accumulator tanks to make sure the compressed air is free of moisture.
  • To minimizing the impact of cold weather on the system, replace or rebuild pneumatic components to ensure these components are working properly.

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