NPE 2009 Trade Show

July 15, 2009 5:36 pm Published by

npelogoThe plastics industry is the third largest manufacturing industry in the United States, operates 17,648 facilities in every state and provides nearly $374 billion in annual shipments. We use high-tech machines and innovative tools to transform raw materials into a whole lot of finished goods for a myriad of end markets. And while NPE2009 has truly been an “all-industry event” with eight co-located events and a variety of exhibitors and attendees with many different interests, the backbone of the event and the stars of show are still the amazing machines and the way they churn out product right on the show floor.

“Over and over during NPE week, exhibitors and attendees rated NPE2009 a success as a showplace for innovation, new technology and a marketplace for doing business,” said SPI President Bill Carteaux on the last day of the show. He cited reports from exhibitors detailing large transactions for processing equipment systems closed right on the exhibit floor.

From blowmolding, injection molding and extrusion machines to all manner of robots, auxiliary equipment and components — it’s obvious that we have a fascination for these shiny, new mechanical marvels and what they can do. It is evident as you walk the show aisles and notice small crowds of people standing for several minutes at a time mesmerized as they stare at the repeated rhythms and smooth efficiency of the moving parts. The video above depicts the attraction of plastics machinery better than I can describe it.



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