Making Solvents Green

“Making Solvents Green” by S&SE’s Jim Kuzara & Clean Planet Chemical’s Josh Huffman in Specialist PCI Mag

September 11, 2021 1:48 pm Published by

Making Solvents Green – Reducing the Environmental Impact of Solvents in Your Operation

By Josh Huffman, Director, Sustainable Solutions, CleanPlanet Chemical; and Jim Kuzara, Sales Manager, Ship & Shore Environmental

With changing consumer and investor demands, new regulations, and the realities of environmental impact, one thing is clear: businesses need to find ways to increase sustainability or risk falling behind. The coatings industry knows this well and has taken major steps to incorporate energy-saving technology. But what happens when the low-hanging fruit has been picked? It’s time to open a drum and take a look at your solvent.

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