It Is No Coincidence

It Is No Coincidence

September 10, 2018 8:49 pm Published by

It Is No Coincidence

Ever notice the word Customer contains the word Custom? Many times the words “close enough” are used in sizing equipment.  This often results in a system that is pushing things to the limit or over-sized to get you to the next size unit of standard design.  Good Enough is neither good nor enough, it is what we settle for.

Process variability is a major concern in many applications.  Balancing energy costs, system capacity and turn-down are all part of getting things right.  It requires proper engineering and a keen understanding of the needs of the customer.

At Ship & Shore Environmental your application is given the attention to detail not found with every supplier.  After your needs are determined and the engineering is complete, our internal fabrication team manufactures the Oxidizer to your exact needs.  It is how we put “Custom” back in the word Customer.

Call Ship & Shore today for pollution abatement equipment custom engineered and designed to fit your unique process and industry. (562) 997-0233 for a complimentary consultation with one of our technical sales engineers or email

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