Ship & Shore Environmental Innovative Steam Generating Thermal Oxidizer

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Ship & Shore Environmental Innovative Steam Generating Thermal Oxidizer

Long Beach, CA, August 4, 2015 – Ship & Shore Environmental has developed an innovative design to modify a standard steam boiler and build it into a thermal oxidizer. This unique engineering design is referred to as a Steam Generating Thermal Oxidizer (SGTO). Typically, the primary fuel source for the SGTO is a VOC-laden air stream from a manufacturing process i.e. air pollution. The use of a SGTO by a manufacturing operation also provides for an overall reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, since natural gas usage by the boiler is dramatically reduced due to the BTU content of the VOC-laden air stream.

We are aware of some others who have used a VOC-laden air stream as a fuel source for a standard steam boiler. However, in this case, the standard steam boilers capacity to handle a VOC-laden air stream, and provide complete combustion of the VOCs, is limited by the combustion air volume and burner size.

VOC-laden air streams may also be treated by a thermal oxidizer connected to a waste heat boiler to generate steam. In this case, the thermal oxidizer products of combustion are sent to the waste heat boiler to generate steam by the heat of convection and conduction, radiant heat is not used.

In contrast, the SGTO is designed to accept much higher VOC flows than a standard boiler burner and combustion air blower would allow. The SGTO design provides improved boiler efficiency by utilizing radiant heat from the boiler burner as well as convection and conduction to generate steam and destroy air pollution.

About Ship & Shore Environmental, Inc.

Ship & Shore Environmental, Inc. is a Long Beach, Calif.-based woman-owned, certified business specializing in air pollution capture and control systems for industrial applications.  Ship & Shore helps major manufacturers meet Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) abatement challenges by providing customized energy-efficient air pollution abatement systems for various industries, resulting in improved operational efficiency and tailored “green” solutions.   Since 2000, Ship & Shore has been prepared to handle and advise on the full spectrum of environmental needs with its complete array of engineering and manufacturing capabilities and multiple offices around the U.S., Canada, Europe and most recently, China. With over 100 specialized professionals spread throughout the world, the company is dedicated to designing tailored solutions for its energy clients.

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