Good Enough Isn’t

May 16, 2019 12:58 pm Published by

Good Enough Isn’t

Let’s face it when the phrase “good enough” is used, it is neither good nor enough. It is what is settled for. When selecting a provider of VOC control equipment, there are 3 types: Vendors who try to sell you what they have, Suppliers who sell you what you ask for, and Partners who take the time learn your operation well enough to provide you with what you need for the long haul.

At Ship & Shore Environmental, each and every piece of equipment is custom designed and fabricated in our own facility. Our team of engineering experts take the time necessary to fully understand the needs of your operation. Additionally, every effort is made to reduce energy consumption and secure all of the potential rebates and incentives available for energy conservation efforts. When you select Ship & Shore Environmental as your partner in emission controls, you are choosing a company where “Good Enough” is not part of our vocabulary.

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