Environmental Solutions for Manufacturers with Stringent Air Pollution & Energy Consumption Regulations.

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Environmental Solutions for Manufacturers with Stringent
Air Pollution & Energy Consumption Regulations.

Ship & Shore offers complete environmental solutions for manufacturers facing even more stringent air pollution and energy consumption regulations in the near future.

Recent news about Clean Power Plan has many business owners and manufacturers worried about environmental policies and how to it will affect all aspects of business. Regulations like the Clean Power Plan to cut carbon emissions by 32% by the year 2030. The United States and China being responsible for 40% of emissions worldwide.This plan is heavily focused on power plants but also includes some of the largest global companies leading the way like, Coco Cola, Dell, Pfizer, Proctor & Gamble already on target for compliance.

Knowing this and other local regulations, Ship & Shore helps businesses strategically and keep up to date with current news about regulations to help select equipment, retrofits or repairs of air pollution abatement equipment such as regenerative thermal oxidizers, heat exchangers and condensing economizers in the most efficient and cost effective ways.

The upside that is often not considered but now being looked at is that often these companies can save 20% to 50% on utility costs which can be significant immediately and over time. Additionally many government rebate and incentive programs have been created to help manufacturers purchase new, more efficient equipment or upgrade and retrofit existing equipment to meet these new regulations and save fuel.

Many experts agree that while regulations can be costly to business, it is a mistake to not plan for what is inevitable and a big risk not to consider environmental solutions today as the fossil fuel market becomes increasing volatile.  It is often the oversight or lack of preparation that costs manufacturers the most due to sudden expense without proper planning or ability to take advantage or qualify for the incentive programs available.

Here is  excerpt from a recent article on Environmental Leader stating the advantages…

Selin is teaching a professional education course about why climate change is becoming a key factor for a successful business. Climate change affects businesses, from electricity prices to supply chain costs and resource availability, to extreme weather events.

“If you’re planning strategically, you need to take climate change into account because it will affect you,” Selin says. “It’s a management of risk. Businesses that are out in front of this will see benefits because they will be able to compete better.”

“This puts companies on firmer ground to make the ambitious emissions cuts that climate scientists say are necessary. Companies should also consider the risks of ‘business as usual’ when the leaders of the world’s two greatest economic powers signal that change is coming.”

Read more: https://www.environmentalleader.com/2016/04/05/climate-policy-is-coming-is-business-prepared/#ixzz455WrfPRe

Call or Email us today to see how current and coming regulations may affect your manufacturing application.  Your project may be eligible for significant  cash incentives from energy efficiency programs! Call 562.997.0233   or EMAIL us by clicking here.  

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