Coalition for California Clean Air Day

Coalition for Clean Air: Sustainability Speed Networking

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Coalition for Clean Air: Sustainability Speed Networking

Coalition for California Clean Air DayThis past Thursday, Coalition for Clean Air hosted a virtual event, bringing together environmental professionals to connect and discuss technologies within the industry and brainstorm strategies to improve both indoor and outdoor air quality. Discussions of how to influence the public to adopt their same sense of urgency about the subject was an important part of the conversation.

The Coalition for Clean Air is a California statewide organization that works specifically on issues of air quality by collaborating with various channels such as companies and advocates to come up with solutions for the ever-present issue of air pollution in California and all over the globe. As a project for the Coalition for Clean Air, California Clean Air Day aims to motivate organizations and individuals to take anywhere from small to big actions to move towards cleaner air through the online Clean Air Pledge to join for a “unified day of action.”

From air filtration, to biofuels, this virtual event empowered professionals to network and share their expertise on specific topics within the industry. In alignment with these goals, for over 21 years, Ship & Shore Environmental has been committed to addressing the increasing environmental concerns of decreasing air quality through providing innovative energy-efficient systems and solutions that clean the air we all breathe. We are grateful to be involved in meaningful work by providing a wide range of products and services to assist our customers to meet the increasing demands of environmental regulations in response to the rising awareness of air pollution’s adverse effects on the environment, and human health. Air pollution is a worldwide issue that can only be improved by the continuous efforts of individuals and larger groups or companies to implement procedures and take reasonable action towards reducing the production of harmful emissions through awareness and education of its negative impacts on the environment and each of us individually.

Join Ship & Shore team members on the next Clean Air Conversation Series: The Role of Alternative Fuels in California’s Transportation Future on February 8, 2022, discussing the importance of how renewable natural gases play a role on lowering our carbon footprint and reducing local air pollution.

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