AQMD Rule 1147 Proposed NOx Rule Amendments

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In an earlier post we provided some information on Low NOx burners and announced our decision to utilize Low NOx burners for all our combustion equipment designs. One of the reasons for this decision was compliance with new NOx rules, which are still being developed here in our home state of California and throughout the country. As a matter of fact, the South Coast Air Quality Management District recently sent out a “Notice of Public Hearing” on the matter of adoption of proposed amendments for Rule 1147 – NOx Reduction from Miscellaneous Sources. The hearing will be held on Friday, September 9, 2011 at the AQMD Headquarters located in Diamond Bar, California. Take a look at the proposed amendments Rule 1147 applies to oven, dryers, dehydrators, heaters, kilns, calciners, furnaces, crematories, incinerators, heated pots, cookers, roaster, fryers, closed and open heated tanks and evaporators, distillation units, afterburners, degassing units, vapor incinerators, catalytic or thermal oxidizers, soil and water remediation units and other combustion equipment with nitrogen oxide emissions that require a District permit and are not specifically required to comply with nitrogen oxide emission limits by other District Regulation XI rules. Do you need assistance meeting NOx rules? If yes, let our team of combustion experts help you develop a plan to meet NOx emission limits for your facility equipment.


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