Air Pollution Control (APC) using Carbon

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Air Pollution Control (APC) using Carbon

Vapor Phase Carbon (VPC) is probably the most used media to solve APC in the world from Municipal, Industrial and Remediation. As an EPC firm or End User you must understand the dynamics and logistics to evaluate if this is the Best Available Technology (BAT).

Carbon comes in many forms to meet the need of any application but what will it Cost you for the Life Cycle of the project. When you need an APC system you must evaluate an oxidizer vs carbon and life cycle plan which includes helping us understanding the process flow.

  • What is the Relative Humidity anything greater than 50% dramatically changes absobtion rates?
  • What is the Temperature entering the Carbon media? Anything greater than 120F could be considered a breach of the carbon or worse carbon bed fire.
  • Understanding your Process flow knowing the above conditions plus the Volatile Organic Compounds we can estimate the costs of carbon vs a Family of oxidizers we manufacture.

We look forward to assisting you with your next Carbon system that we manufacture or simple evaluation of Life Cycle.

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