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From industrial odor control to air pollution abatement, Ship & Shore Environmental has the wide array air quality equipment you’re looking for. We have been a leading supplier of odor control by offering chemical scrubbers, biological filters and carbon adsorption technology.

How A Wet Scrubber Works

Typically, the odorous air from a sewage area or wet well is pulled into the wet scrubbing odor control system by a fan. The polluted air is then scrubbed, filtered and cleaned by being processed through a system that may have 1, 2 or 3 stages. The noxious air is first exposed to a scrubbing concentrate that contains chemical reagents. Then, the polluted air passes through a packing medium. Once the polluted air has been run through scrubbers and filters, it’s then expelled out of the scrubbing system with 99.99% of the contaminants removed.

Generally, the polluted air is treated through an absorption process. The polluted air is first dissolved into a liquid stage and secondly, put through a chemical reaction using reagents. As a result, a wet scrubbing odor control system will usually have certain components, like 1 or 2 scrubbing stacks, a water softener, storage tanks and some dosing pumps.

Our Wet Scrubbing Technique

The air pollution control industry has been using wet scrubbers to tremendous success for many years. Wet scrubbers can remove pollutants whether the airstream contains gases, liquid or solid particulate matter — which is a huge advantage that web scrubbers can offer. When there are several pollutants present in a gas stream, it’s customary to choose a wet scrubber to clean the air. The web scrubbers have the ability to first remove gas contaminants through diffusion. Then, the liquid and solid particulates are then removed in a second stage through either inertia impact, cyclonic motion or by interception.

Ask Questions Before Choosing Your Ionized Wet Scrubber

Although all wet scrubbing odor control systems operate using the same chemical principles, they are not all the same. When your company’s engineers are considering scrubbing equipment, they must consider the system’s capacity. Check out the available capacity of the system’s mass transfer units, inquire about the pressure drop, the required removal efficiency and how reliably the scrubbing system operates. These factors together will determine the effectiveness, affordability and longevity of your wet scrubber.

It is important to note that chemical scrubbers are differential in nature. How efficiently your system absorbs odors and contaminants is directly determined how much packing medium your system uses. You can customize these levels of packing medium in your own wet scrubbing system, so you can determine and control your system’s contaminant collection efficiency. Ship & Shore Environmental has the industry experience and relationships with equipment suppliers to give you the customized scrubbing solutions you desire. We will work with your engineers to choose the right resin, liner and curing system throughout the scrubbing system to guarantee you great results and long-lasting durability.

K-Rosette Design

We offer a uniquely designed packing medium in a K-Rosette filament. Unlike competitors’ filaments, the K-Rosette is square rather than spherical or cylindrical in shape. The K-Rosette’s sharp edges and thin ribbons create a filament that is more able to control the gas stream as it passes through the medium. The result? The K-Rosette filament cleans the air with less energy loss. Our designs provide superior results while making the process more convenient.

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We can work with you and your engineers to custom-create an odor control and air pollution abatement system that is both effective and affordable. We can explore the many air quality solutions available. Contact us if you need an Ionized Wet Scrubber Manufacturer today.

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