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Ship & Shore Environmental offers the highest quality odor control solutions and air pollution abatement systems. When your serious about air pollution control, you may consider a Venturi Scrubbing Air Pollution Control System.

Affordable Odor Control Systems

Ship & Shore Environmental provides odor control systems that utilize chemical scrubbers, biological filters and carbon absorbing materials to give air quality solutions to our industrial and corporate customers. We are not only able to install and maintain your air quality control systems, we also serve as an equipment representatives for the fans, pumps and other components that are installed in our systems.

How a Venturi Scrubber Works

The way a Venturi operates is by collecting particulate matter from industrial emissions. The particulates can range in size from relatively fine to large, and they are often made of materials that are hazardous or difficult to handle. The particulate matter may be either corrosive or flammable, and so it’s crucially important that you hire only the highest-grade supplier for your Venturi Scrubbing Air Pollution Control System.

Venturi Scrubber’s Advantages

If you’re considering a baghouse or precipitator, you’ll want to know that the Venturi offers advantages that neither of those technologies can. What are some advantages? The Venturi can handle corrosive gas streams, and the Venturi can do it without costing a lot of money. The Venturi also can process gas streams that contain flammable and highly volatile gasses — something other air quality and odor control systems can’t do.

Venturis are also more compact, and they require smaller capital investments. The Venturi Scrubbing Air Pollution Control System can be installed for a lower cost and requires less power input to operate, because of its more compact size. In spite of taking less space and less money, the gas absorption and particulate removal are better with Venturis than with precipitators and baghouses. Because of these unique advantages, you’ll discover that many professionals in the air quality industry choose Venturis over either precipitators or baghouses.

Scrubber Models

There are two primary types of Venturi Scrubber: the non-wetted approach and the wetted approach models. With the non-wet model, the gas being scrubbed never comes into any direct contact with the scrubbing concentrate before entering the throat section of the system. Instead, the gas makes contact with the scrubber concentrate while it’s in the throat section. The ideal gas that can be processed through the non-wet Venturi system is one with a low gas temperature and high humidity level. The Venturi is a low-cost air cleaning system that is perfectly suited for these types of gas emissions.

With the wet-approach modeled Venturi system, the gas comes into contact with the scrubbing concentrate right at the inlet. Because every surface is wetted down with scrubbing liquid, the gas is unable to deposit any solids in the Venturi system. The ideal candidate for this type of Venturi system? A gas that contains a high gas temperature with low humidity levels — and also any gas emission that has sticky particulate matter. Those gas types are best processed through a wetted-approach Venturi model.

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