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Aftermarket Monday September

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Aftermarket Monday September


September 2019 – Social Media Posts

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#AftermarketMonday WARNING: Important notice to our customers – please do not have any third party service companies outside of Ship & Shore Environmental service your unit. As a fair warning, one of our recent customers in the East Coast area was recently serviced by an inadequate oxidizer service company and eventually had to call our own Ship & Shore technicians back in to remedy their work as the unit caught fire.

This outside oxidizer service company tampered with our Ship & Shore RTO pressure switch and seals (photographed) as they had no idea how to handle our unique design. They are ONLY an oxidizer service company so their business revolves around your constant need to be serviced.

Your trust in our company, our equipment, and our personnel are just as important to us as the safety of you and your employees. Please do not hesitate to call our 24/7 Emergency Service Lines (562) 477-7557 or (562) 400-4439 or email if you need immediate assistance. As our valued customer quotes for services will always be offered at a preferred rate and we will always match or beat competing prices.

Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer Design

This year we have had a record-breaking amount of PM Inspections and Services. A large percentage of them was to remedy the tampering of our customers’ units after being serviced by an inadequate third party oxidizer service company.

#AftermarketMonday TIP: Schedule annual PM Inspection and services of your Ship & Shore RTO with Ship & Shore highly trained technicians – this will save you time, unnecessary expenses, and ensure optimum operations of your unit. Please do not hesitate to call our 24/7 Emergency Service Lines (562) 477-7557 or (562) 400-4439 or email if you need immediate assistance.

When our Ship & Shore field service technicians are not at a customer job site, they are in our fabrication shop helping to build the RTO systems they will soon be servicing. #AftermarketMonday TIP: Have your RTO units serviced and maintained by the same team that built them! Our Ship & Shore units are uniquely engineered and custom designed specific to every customer, no two systems are the same. Ensure optimum efficiency of your unit and call the Ship & Shore Service Team should you need any troubleshooting, PM Inspections, and more: or (562) 997-0233

RTO- Field Service Technicians

Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer Company

On a recent site visit, our Field Service Technician noticed that our customer’s control panel was tampered with after another third party service company had tried to service our Ship & Shore RTO. We found jumped safety devices left by the third party service company and had to take corrective measures. #AftermarketMonday TIP: save your time and money by calling us in the first time around. Avoid the headaches of inadequate third party companies and let our highly trained Ship & Shore technicians handle your unit correctly. Contact or call 562-997-0233 for a quote.

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