Thermal Oxidizer Preventive Maintenance Inspections

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Thermal Oxidizer Preventive Maintenance Inspections

In order to optimize operation of the RTO, and reduce nuisance shutdowns, Ship & Shore Environmental recommends annual Preventive Maintenance (PM) inspections by our experienced service technicians trained in troubleshooting and repair of combustion equipment. PMs typically start with an in-house review of the oxidizer and process diagram, followed by an audit of the system’s operation.

As the oxidizer system is inspected thoroughly, existing problems and/or signs of future problems will be evaluated and recorded. After the inspection, a written report will be submitted providing observations and recommendations for repairs and/or maintenance.

S&SE shall provide an external and internal inspection of abatement equipment.  The primary purpose of the of this inspection shall be to tune the burners and check their safety limits. Along with this a cursory inspection of the equipment casing and ancillary components shall be performed.

Preventive maintenance and inspection of your oxidizer equipment will provide dividends in the long term. We urge you to take advantage of this opportunity to plan your next oxidizer inspection. A formal proposal for a Preventive Maintenance Inspection by our experienced team is available upon request.

For a complete inspection checklist or to schedule a PM with a Ship & Shore Environmental specialist, contact Ship & Shore at 562-997-0233 or go to our website

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