Sustainability is a Two Way Street

May 16, 2019 1:06 pm Published by

Sustainability is a Two Way Street

While it seems as if many forward thinking companies have put in place some form of sustainability policy or mission statement, it doesn’t stop there. Sustainability is a two way street. In order for the efforts of these organizations to be successful, those who consume the goods and services of companies with the sustainable mindset are just as important in the process. Nothing comes without cost. We cannot expect the efforts of the companies who have taken the high road of sustainability to carry that burden on their own. When we as consumers are evaluating our purchases, we need to share this effort by assessing our individual responsibility to help shape the future of the planet with our selections.

The internet is a wonderful tool for finding the lowest cost goods. It also is a wonderful tool for evaluating the mindset of the companies we select as suppliers of our major purchases as well as our everyday needs. The challenge to select the best value is not a price only equation. It includes the cost to the consumer, but the cost to the environment can no longer be ignored.

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