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Preventive Maintenance (PM) Inspections

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Ship & Shore Environmental Preventive Maintenance (PM) Inspections

SSE Preventive Maintenance Inspections

Proper equipment operation is essential to meet regulatory objectives, minimize equipment operating costs and extend equipment longevity. The best way to ensure effective operation is to schedule routine preventive maintenance (PM) inspections performed by a highly experienced Ship & Shore Environmental Service Technician.

Regularly scheduled PMs optimize operation of the RTO and reduce nuisance shutdowns. We recommend at least one annual inspection by our knowledgeable and skilled personnel, although more frequent visits may be needed depending on process circumstances or problematic conditions (such as particulate or corrosive environments). PMs typically start with an in-house review of the oxidizer and process diagram, followed by an audit of the system’s operation in the field.

As the oxidizer system is inspected thoroughly, existing problems and/or signs of future problems will be evaluated and recorded. After the inspection, a written report will be submitted providing observations and recommendations for repairs and/or maintenance.

External Inspection

Ship & Shore shall provide an external inspection of the oxidizer with the primary purpose to tune the burners and check their safety limits. Along with this, a cursory inspection of the equipment casing and ancillary components shall be performed. This inspection shall include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Change retention chamber thermocouples
  • Ignite burners and observe proper sequencing of the purge and ignition systems (as necessary)
  • Check high and low gas pressure switches for proper operation and settings
  • Check flame safeguards for proper sequence of operation
  • Check flame detectors and flame intensity signal, clean or replace, if defective (additional cost)
  • Check safety shut-off valves and vent valve for operation and oil leakage
  • Check operation of air/gas control valves and linkages (calibrate, if required)
  • Observe burners under low fire and high fire condition and adjust the fuel mixture throughout the firing range for efficient operation
  • Check high-temperature limit control operation for reliability
  • Check fan controls and safeties including air flow switches
  • Check pressure transmitters and sampling lines
  • Actuators: stroke and calibrate (4 to 20 mA signal), if required
  • Panel Wiring: Check for loose, frayed, or improper wiring
  • Check the exterior of the unit for hot spots, rust, and corrosion
  • Check all fan motor loads and speeds
  • Check lubrication on fans
  • Check damper actuators, linkage, limit switches, and timing. Adjust as necessary. Check for lubrication of the bearings and bushings where applicable
  • Change main poppet speed controls

Internal Phase of Inspection

Ship & Shore shall provide one internal inspection for the oxidizer. This inspection shall include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Check general condition of equipment for internal cleanliness
  • Check for excessive wear of components
  • Check refractory/insulation for excessive damage/cracking
  • Check insulation for separation
  • Check media support beams for sagging
  • Check RTO canister valves to assure tight seals
  • Check expansion joints, if applicable
  • Check the switching operation of dampers and make necessary adjustment if required

Inspection Report

Prepare a written report to provide the customer with the following information:

  • Details on the general internal and/or external condition of the oxidizer
  • Details of the work performed, if any record of safety checks performed
  • Recommendation of spare/replacement parts, if any
  • Recommendations for work to be done to avoid future potential problems
  • Future work items to be considered to bring equipment into optimum operating condition

Preventive maintenance and inspection of your oxidizer equipment will provide dividends in the long term. We urge you to take advantage of this opportunity to plan your next oxidizer inspection. A formal proposal for a Preventive Maintenance Inspection by our experienced team is available upon request.

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