Incentives and Rebates

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Incentives and Rebates

The addition of air pollution control equipment for VOC abatement is a necessary burden to ensure clean air for generations to follow.  Unfortunately, this responsibility comes with real world capital equipment and operating cost.  Cost for the most part that does not enhance manufactured product quality and that could restrict job producing business growth.

In an effort to curb the perceived penalty for crucial and responsible environmental stewardship, government funded programs have been established through natural gas and electric utility providers to help mitigate these costs and promote job producing production expansion.  With the installation of energy efficient technology, incentive rebates can be earned.

Ship & Shore Environmental has led the way in securing cash incentive rebates for energy efficient VOC control equipment and process equipment expansion.  These one-time rebates can be substantial and significantly reduce capital expense impact.  Secondary heat recovery can also qualify for these substantial rebates.  Over the years, Ship & Shore has recovered millions of dollars in rebates for our customers.

Call Ship & Shore Environmental (562-997-0233) for more information and how we can get involved in the implementation of these incentives with your next project.

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