Emergency Chlorine Scrubber Manufacturer

At Ship & Shore Environmental, we are one of the leading suppliers of air pollution control systems, including their Emergency Chlorine Scrubber Systems (ECSS). Our systems have been proven to remove more than 99.999% of all chlorine emissions.

Get the Chlorine Gas Cleaned Up Fast

What is even better? The ECSS chlorine scrubbing system works quickly, at a rate of up to 40 Kg per minute. The concentration of chlorine measured as it’s leaving the ECSS outlet can be as low as 1 ppmv. This chlorine gas output level is guaranteed to meet — or even exceed — the USA’s Department of Defense Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) requirement of 5 or less ppmv.

How Our Chlorine Scrubber Works

We install and maintain a chlorine gas detector near every chlorine storage container on site. If the detector senses that the level of chlorine gas present in the air is too high, it automatically triggers our emergency chlorine scrubber to begin working. The ECSS fan begins to pull the chlorine gas out of the air, and into the chlorine gas scrubber.

Our Chlorine Scrubber Can Be Automatically Activated

As soon as the ECSS chlorine scrubbing system is activated and the fan begins pulling the gas into the ECSS chamber, a highly concentrated scrubbing agent is released into our machine. The scrubbing concentrate and chlorine gas come into close contact with each other. The scrubbing solution neutralizes the chlorine gas and then gets stored in a packing medium at the bottom of the tank.

A Chlorine Scrubber Prevents Gas Pressure Build-Up

As you undoubtedly know, dangerously high air pressure is a hazard that can happen when chlorine gas builds up. That’s why it’s so important to know that our unique absorptive medium helps to prevent gas pressure from building up to unacceptably high levels within our Emergency Chlorine Scrubbing System.

Chlorine Scrubber Can Be Manually Activated

Another huge safety advantage that an emergency chemical scrubber offers you is that it can be activated automatically or manually. If the chlorine gas detector senses the gas levels have gotten too high, it automatically starts cleaning the air of chlorine gas and storing the neutralized material safely. However, if a worker notices that the chlorine levels in the air are too high, he can also start the scrubber through manual activation. Having 2 different ways to activate the emergency scrubber ensures that your site and personnel can maintain optimal safety levels at all times.

Different ECSS Models

Ship & Shore Environmental can provide your company with several different makes and models of ECSS systems to choose from. We offer single-tower cylindrical sump models that have a chlorine capacity ranging from 50 Kg to 700 Kg. The single-tower models have air flowrates that range from 1200 to 2800 cubic meters per hour. If your air quality needs are more significant, we also offer larger-capacity two-tower cubical sump models. The larger two-tower models range from 1 to 3 tons of chlorine gas capacity, with flowrates that range from 6000 to 9000 cubic meters per hour.

Additional Advantages We Provide

Our Emergency Chlorine Scrubbing Systems meet the highest performance standards required by all US government and environmental agency guidelines while providing pollution control solutions that are economically viable. Our air pollution control systems not only keep your worksite safe, but they also control the noxious odor levels.

When you combine Ship & Shore Environmental’s industry experience with our ability engineer quality products, you have a level of experience and expertise that can’t be beaten. We work to clean our earth, each and every day. Contact a leading Chlorine Scrubber Manufacturer to find out more about our air quality solutions, and what we can do for you.

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