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Air Quality Awareness Week 2022: 5 Tips for a Sustainable Future

May 5, 2022 4:15 pm Published by

Air Quality Awareness Week 2022: 5 Tips for a Sustainable Future

As a company that specializes in cleaning the air we breathe, we want to recognize the importance of protecting air quality around the globe. Air Quality Awareness Week is this week, and we want to bring attention to how each person can contribute to building a more sustainable future.

It is the collective effort of each individual that will aide in the development of a cleaner future that everyone can enjoy. We encourage everyone to consider how they can personally contribute to this future.

Help clean our air by following these tips:

  • Adjust your transportation habits by carpooling, taking public transportation, or riding a bike.
  • Become aware of the potential harmful effects of common household items that may be negatively impacting indoor air quality.
  • Invest in products for your home or office that can improve indoor air quality, such as humidifiers or purifiers.
  • Stay informed about air quality news to understand how air pollution around the world directly impacts you.
  • Share what you know about good air quality practices so that others can also become more “air aware.”

Thank you Venta for these insightful tips anyone can implement into their daily lives to improve air quality. Although these efforts may seem small, it is these small efforts that contribute to a larger cause.

Find out more about Air Quality Awareness Week and how you can “be air aware and prepared” at

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