S&SE helps customers consider all the options of the sometimes confusing and overwhelming choices when it comes to implementation of clean air and energy solutions.  There are many environmental, regulatory and financial considerations and we are up to date on all rules and regulations and have a 100% compliance track record.

Work with us to find out how your business may qualify for utility cash incentive/rebate programs that can pay up to 50% of the project. Which in typical cases, could mean receiving in excess of $100,000 back.

“Ship & Shore facilitated all of the necessary paperwork to process our application for energy efficiency rebates available on the equipment. This saved our internal staff a significant amount of effort and resulted in us receiving the rebate quickly.”
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As experts we understand these programs and do what we can to help our customers take advantage of the resources that are available.  We collect and analyze the data and correctly select the best equipment to make your project a success.  Contact us today for a no obligation conversation to see how you might qualify for one of these programs.

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