SCAQMD Heeds ACA Comments for Rule 1107 Amendments

July 18, 2012 5:04 pm Published by

California’s South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) has proposed amendments to its Rule 1107-Coating of Metal Parts and Products. Amendments to Rule 1107 will be focused for adoption by the AQMD Governing Board at a public hearing cautiously scheduled for Nov.2, 2012. The main point of Rule 1107 is to decrease volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions from the use of metal coatings. The rule applies to all metal coatings operations except those performed on aerospace assembly, magnet wire, marine craft, motor vehicle, metal container, and coil coating operations. ACA said:

“ACA maintains that waterborne coatings will need to be reformulated to meet the 150 g/l General and 275 g/l (150 g/l material VOC) General Waterborne interim limits, especially given the new lacquer definition, stringent General Waterborne material VOC limits, and stringent Waterborne Coating definition”.

ACA claimed that “dropping the proposed Jan. 1, 2015 interim limits in order to give coatings manufacturers adequate time to develop coatings and reach out to customers as well as coatings application facilities to purchase, install, permit, and become comfortable with the new coatings and equipment. ACA believes there should not be any SIP commitment obstacles to dropping the interim limits”.

Moreover, ACA added that “the proposed definition for waterborne coatings at 5 percent of the volatile fraction is too stringent and would eliminate many waterborne coatings. Instead, ACA suggested the waterborne coating definition be modified as “any coating which contains more than 20 percent by weight in its volatile fraction, as applied”.

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David Darling ( July 10, 2012), ‘SCAQMD Heeds ACA Comments for Rule 1107 Amendments, Revision Process Continues’



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