Air Pollution Control Equipment

Best Air Pollution Control Equipment for Capture, Control & Compliance

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Best Air Pollution Control Equipment for Capture, Control & Compliance

Air Pollution Control Equipment

When it comes to air pollution control equipment there are many things to consider, capital cost, compliance and process demands.  At Ship & Shore we collect all the necessary data to help manage our clients projects in the most cost effective, efficient way to meet both budget and project requirements.

Before choosing or designing any type of air pollution control system here are the questions we ask or collect in our PROCESS APPLICATION DATA FORM.

Here are some things any good air pollution control manufacturer should ask and consider before any recommendations take place:

  • Identify and determine total number of emitting sources
  • Shifts and/or hours for each of the emitting sources
  • Flow rate from each source, SCFM or M3
  • Total (lb/hr or kg/hr) of VOC material from each listed source
  • Composition of the process stream (VOC’s, particulate matter, silicon)
  • Energy or utility costs (Electric, Natural Gas)
  • Regulatory and compliance requirements for location, zoning and facility

Choosing the Best Air Pollution Control Equipment for Your Application

Project management is key with any selection of air pollution control equipment to ensure that all the necessary requirements are met.  Design, Fabrication, Materials, Operations, Regulations, Installation, Training, Plant Control, and Equipment Capital Costs as well as potential Cash Utility Rebates, all should be mentioned and considered carefully in the proposal process.

Ship & Shore assigns a project engineer to each client to streamline communication and cooperation so the project is successful in every way.  We provide a production schedule for the to ensure that the facility can meet deadline, permit dates any other regulatory requirements.

It is important to choose a reputable manufacturer with a track record of success that can handle the full scope of the job and understand your facilities process application completely.
We have a 100% track record of success on all projects and have assisted our customers in receiving over $7 million dollars in government rebates towards equipment purchase.

To learn more about the best air pollution equipment for your facility please contact our team to collect the necessary data and provide the right resources or solutions for your company.  You can call one of our technical engineers directly at (562)997-0233 or EMAIL US by CLICKING HERE.

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